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Perfect for mugs and small glasses.

[Product description]

・ Eco-friendly straw made from Indonesian natural bamboo.

If you wash and dry, you can use as many times.

・ Ideal for drinking fruit juice and smoothies squeezed with a juicer.

・ Length suitable for mugs and small glasses. Children can use it.


Model NO : BSM-01

Material : Bamboo

Length : 120mm

Straw outer diameter 7-10mm Inner diameter 5-7mm

[Retail price]

Bamboo Straw + Brush 5.5USD

If you wish to a Handling in retail stores or large quantity order

Please contact us . We can shipping overseas.

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Safe to put in your children mouth


Made from 100% natural material (unpainted), it is safe for babies and children. Children also have the habit of chewing straws. This straw is exquisitely hardened and will not damage the milk teeth if the child accidentally bites it, and will not damage the straw.

※ We are committed to quality, but when using with children, keep an eye on them and use them.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing


Only high quality bamboo from the planned logging area in Indonesia is used. We produce while controlling so that environmental destruction does not occur.

Finally return to the soil


When you have finished using it, bury it in the soil instead of burning it.

This product has realized the manufacturing based on the circulation type cycle.

When you bury the Banboo Draw in the soil, it becomes fertilizer and returns to the soil. And from there new plants grow.

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