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Inspiration from Nature of BALI

Go Green. Think Nature.


About Brand

"BALIISM" is an interior brand using natural rattan that was born in Bali, Indonesia in 2015.

Planning original products making full use of the Natural Rattan, each one carefully made by Ratan craftsmen of partner furniture factory in Bali Sukawati village famous for furniture making.
Ratan is a cranberry plant, unlike timber, it is a cranial plant in a few years even if it is cut down, so it grows much faster than trees and becomes a timber in 5 to 10 years. Even after cutting it is an eco-friendly material because it grows like a human hair soon.

Greeting from CEO


Om swastyastu. Thank you for visiting to the BALIISM website.

Born in beautiful nature and a unique Hindu culture, Bali is one of the world's best resort destinations with over 700,000 visitors a year. People live while being located with nature known as "an island where God lives". I am attracted to this place and I am studying Balinese culture and the materials derived from the locality while visiting the site. Focusing on Ratan which is often used in local furniture, started production of Rattan interior with local craftsmen in 2015, which gave me a chance to launch this brand. Currently, besides rattan, we are developing products using materials with low environmental impact such as bamboo and Ata.


[ Personal history ]

After studying product design at university in Japan, I worked in the product development department of a PC peripheral device manufacturer. then I studied abroad at a school in Bali and Java. While studying abroad, I met the interior made of rattan which is a familiar material locally, and was attracted by its unique texture and characteristics, I started producing rattan interior of original design while cooperating with local craftsmen. In 2015, I established branding of BALISM to develop environmentally friendly products. 

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