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can be washed and used many times.

Use only high quality bamboo taken in the planned logging area of Indonesia. Please enjoy the feel of natural materials.


ECO Straw made from natural bamboo in Indonesia.
Please enjoy the feel of natural materials.
Suit for drinking squeezed fresh fruit juice or organic vegetable juice.

It can be used many times as you wash and dry.

We guarantee high quality product. In fact luxury hotels adopted.

Material: Natural Bamboo

Length: about 195 mm

Straw outer diameter 7-10 mm Inner diameter 5-7 mm

[Retail price]

Straw + brush (Box package) 7.0USD

Straw + brush (Paper package) 6.5USD

Started 3th FEB 2020

> engrave service (put text or logo ) on bamboo straw 

If you wish to a Handling in retail stores or large quantity order

Please contact us . We can shipping overseas.

BALIISM bamboo straws use only high quality bamboo harvested in the planned logging area of Bali, Indonesia. In Indonesia, bamboo has long been used as a building material. It is thick and strong, making it an ideal material for straws that can be washed and used over and over.

Bamboo is a material that grows faster than wood and has little environmental impact even when harvested. Even if the environmental impact is small, BALIISM is not only for product development, but for bamboo Management is also performed. After felling, it will be available again in normal 2-3 years.

Work begins with the selection of bamboo thickness that matches the size of the product.

However, the size of each one is slightly different due to the fact that it is made from 100% natural materials. Production with a fully automatic processing machine is fast, but there is a problem that quality variations tend to occur.

In order to produce high quality straws, everything from cutting the bamboo, which is the raw material, to filing the surface and cross section, is done carefully one by one by hand.

The inside is brushed with a special brush, and after cleaning and drying, the final inspection is completed.

Although it takes time and effort, this manufacturing method is adopted based on the desire to make use of the warmth peculiar to nature and high quality products.

When you have finished using it, bury it in the soil instead of throwing it away as burning garbage.

This product has made it possible to make things based on a recycle cycle. When Bamboo Straw is buried in the soil, it will eventually return to the soil and become fertilizer for growing plants.





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