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Engraving Service



Let's make original My straw Engraved with name

 In recent years, the number of users using my straw has increased due to the influence of regulations on disposable plastic products as a measure to prevent marine pollution. In the past, laser engraving was accepted only for large lot orders of 100 or more, but for personal use a service has been launched that allows you to engrave your favorite text from a single one on a bamboo straw using a simple laser engraving machine. Why do not you create a personalized straw engraved with name ?

​Bamboo Straw +  cleaning brush Set  (including engraving fee) 6.0USD

​Engraved 5 business days + international delivery


Engravable from 1pcs

Conventionally, production was performed using a high-precision stamping machine for mass production, so it was not suitable for small-lot production, and service could not be provided.
With the introduction of a simple laser engraving machine for trial production at our factory, engraving is possible from one unit.
で Speedy and reasonable price by using the fixed typeface
The offer has been realized.

​Perfect for gifts

There is no doubt that you will be pleased if you give the my straw with the engraved stamp to family, friends and lovers! In addition to the name, you can also engrave the date.

Large lot also available

Production of 100 lots or more is performed using a Mass production laser machine. Logo can be engraved as well as letters. Please inquire about the charge and delivery date from the Contact form.

Engraving work movie

※ Be careful when watching. the laser light flashes.

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