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BAMBOO STRAW bring&drink365

Let's carry your own straw that can be washed and used many times!

​[Product description]


Environmentally friendly straw made from natural bamboo.

You can enjoy the feel of natural materials.

・You can also drink a smoothie drink.

・If you wash and dry, you can use it again and again.

〈Portable Case〉

A Portable case made for BALIISM Bamboo Straw.

・ You can store straw and one cleaning brush.

・ It is most suitable for use of cafe and restaurant on the go.

・ The Portable Case is also made of bamboo.

Since the air holes are attached to the top and bottom of the main body, it is hygienic without stuffy.

Model No:BSCS-01

Material:Bamboo (Straw, Portable Case) Polyester, Aluminum (Washing brush)
Storage case:Outer diameter 25-28mm Inner diameter 20-23mm length 210mm

Straw:Outer diameter 7-10 mm Inner diameter 5-7 mm 

Cleaning brush:φ10 mm Length 195 mm

Reatil Price

(case+straw+brush) 15USD

(only case) 10USD

If you wish to a Handling in retail stores or large quantity order

Please contact us . We can shipping overseas.

Using My Straw reduces environmental impact


When you order a drink at a cafe, you get a disposable plastic straw, as you would expect. Do you know that plastic straws are affecting marine life?

In recent years, from the flow of regulating plastic straws in various countries, straws made of non-plastics have begun to be distributed in the market, but using this as a machine to stop "disposal" itself and repeat their own straws Why don't you start a lifestyle called 'My Straw'?

​This item is a perfect combination to start 'My Straw' Life, as it is a set that can be washed and used many times.

Functional straw case suitable for carrying


This was made to cleanly carry Bamboo Straw. The special case can accommodate bamboo straw and cleaning brush. The straw case is also made of environmentally friendly bamboo. It is safe to put directly into the case after washing in water. Bamboo is well ventilated and has antibacterial action, so it does not become unsanitary even if you put a straw after washing it with water (※). There are vent holes in the top and bottom of the case to make it more breathable.

※ When using in a high humidity area, please do not carry it in this case for a long time after washing it with water. After returning home, please dry the straw in a well ventilated place.

Let's say that. "I don't need a straw" for clerk.


When drinks are provided at cafes and restaurants, it is natural for them to be provided with disposable straws in nowdays.

So, if you got this item, when you order a drink, you should say, "I don't need a disposable straw" because I have 'My Straw'.

We will start the Environmental activities the name is "Let's quit using disposable straws!" from 27th June.

BALIISM aims to establish a new culture called 'My Straw' in the world through this product. As a result, it leads to the protection of the global environment.

Making things in consideration of the environment

It does not become garbage, Returns to the earth


Use only high quality bamboo taken in the planned logging area of Indonesia. We control production to prevent environmental destruction. It is thought that CO2 emissions in the production process are less than Plastic straw. (※) ※Under joint research with university in Japan

When you're done using it, bury it in the soil without throwing it away as burning trash. This product has achieved manufacturing based on a cyclical cycle. If you fill Bamboo Straw and Portable Case in the soil, it becomes fertilizer and eventually returns to the soil. And from there new plants grow.​ ※We are currently developing a brush to return to the soil.

" So I stopped using plastic straws.​"


Many sea animals suffer from plastic straw waste.Knowing that fact, I stopped using plastic straws.Bamboo grows faster than timber, so harvesting is less likely to cause resource depletion.

Now I always carrying a straw with case and when buying a drink at the cafe, I say ”No need straw" for staff.

It may be a bit of a thing, but it's nice to think that you could do something good for the environment. 

Alits Mirai

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