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Let's quit using disposable straws !

~ If you carry my straw that can be washed repeatedly, environmental impact will be reduced ~

The effect of disposable plastic straws

When you buy a beverage from a cafe you are given a disposable plastic straw, as you would expect. However, do you know that plastic straws are negatively affecting marine life?


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Nurtured by beautiful nature and a unique culture, Bali is one of the world's leading tourist destinations visited by many people from around the world. However, due to the effects of marine pollution, the environment of beautiful Bali is changing. The plastic waste that has accidentally flown into the sea affects not only the beach's appearance but also the marine life; this problem is not only Bali’s. Videos that show suffering sea turtles with plastic straws embedded in their noses off the coast of Costa Rica have become well known; this marine pollution is spreading all over the world. It is said that it will take decades for plastic to decompose, and this will only increase the amount of waste in the ocean. In order to change this reality, BALIISM will start a campaign this year to reduce marine pollution and promote global environmental protection.

New laws prohibit the use of plastic straws; let's stop “disposal” behavior! 


In recent years, bills from various countries have been announced which regulate the production of plastic products. Disposable straws made of non-plastics are now beginning to be sold in the marketplace. It is said that these straws are more environmentally friendly than plastic, but the act of "disposing" does not change. In reality, this behavior, regardless of the disposable nature of the material, continues to undermine environmental efforts.


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At home or in public

A new lifestyle that uses bamboo straws.

BALIISM has been selling bamboo straw products since 2017; they are used mainly in homes and cafes. We propose a new lifestyle product using bamboo for everyday use in order to promote measures against marine pollution and to help ensure global environmental protection. It is not easy to shift our thinking about the use of disposable products to something that can be used many times in our everyday lives. In an effort to stop using disposable products, why not start living with a new kind of straw?

"Go out with a bamboo straw."

" Go out with a Bamboo Straw "


It is in the carrying case made for BALIISM bamboo that you can carry your personal straw and cleaning brush.

The "BAMBOO STRAW bring&drink 365" product will have its global launch June 27th via Bali. 

"I don’t need a straw!" Let's say this to the cafe employee.


When drinks are provided at cafes and restaurants, disposable straws are usually provided. Therefore, if you have the "Bamboo Straw, Bring & Drink 365" product, you won’t need a plastic straw. Let's do that!  At first you may be surprised by the cafe employee’s response, but please be patient until the culture of having your own straw takes root in our communities.​

BALIISM aims to establish a new global culture of carrying a personal straw through the use of this product. 

You will no longer need to use disposable straws in restaurants and cafes.


For businesses, the promotion of using this kind of straw can actually reduce the cost of beverages to the customer. By eliminating the cost of purchasing plastic straws and the labor to manage excess trash, businesses can pass the savings onto customers. This solution is not only eco-friendly, but it will make customers and businesses happy.

We are developing new products that can use Bamboo Straw more cleanly!


The movement “Let's quit using disposable straws!” Is one of the efforts to increase the number of people who think about the global environment and to promote the recycling society more than ever. This time, we focused on the straw that we are familiar with, but I think it would be nice if we could use the straw as a catalyst to change various things from disposable to use repeatedly. Garbage found in the sea and sandy beaches includes not only rubbish from home countries but also rubbish from overseas. In order to stop marine pollution and environmental destruction, the cooperation of people all over the world is necessary.


This sentence is just a sentence that what the representative and staff of BALISM felt and feelings.

It is said that bamboo grows faster than wood and it is an environmentally friendly material. If the bamboo is harvested in large quantities in a short period of time, the surrounding environment from which the bamboo is collected will be destroyed. We harvest the bamboo systematically while controlling production so as not to destroy the surrounding environment.


As you may not know, straw products made from bamboo have long been used in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Even though it is a popular product, it has not been widely used throughout the world. This is due to various reasons such as issues of quality and durability, and a lack of sales force.


BALIISM has succeeded in developing and manufacturing world-class, high-quality bamboo straws, suitable for carrying and repeated use.


My message to everyone is not to trust other bamboo straw products, use BALIISM's bamboo straw and carry case, and take part in a new eco-friendly consumer revolution. Help make this product commonplace.​


Thank you for your interest in the product.

Everyone's small effort can improve the world's environmental problems.

To everyone interested in the product>

To everyone interested in the product>

Thank you for your interest in the product.

Not only marine pollution but also recent global weather and disasters may be disasters that we humans have created.

Everybody's small effort can improve the world's environmental problems.

Do you not think about the global environment again just because it is such an age?

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