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Sustainable Pouch

Perfect pouch for carrying My straws, Spoons, Forks.

Let's start life using my straw and my chopsticks.

Perfect for those who want to start a sustainable life.

You can reduce the disposable cutlery garbage that comes out of daily life.

Made of durable, natural-feeling cotton linen.

Sanitary because it can be washed.

Model number : SP-01

Material : Cotton

Size : width 60 × length 250 × thickness 6 mm maximum 30 mm

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If you wish to a Handling in retail stores or large quantity order

Please contact us . We can shipping overseas.


Production method that does not pollute the soil

Sustainable Pouch was developed as a product to reduce disposable cutlery garbage that comes out of daily life, but the process until this porch is completed is also considered so as not to place an environmental burden.

We pay particular attention to the raw material production process.

For efficient production, it is necessary to use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides in the process of growing cotton materials, but this product is cultivated in a natural way without using any pesticides. It is made by a clean process that does not pollute the soil.

Finally return to the soil

Sustainable Pouch returns to the soil because it is made from a material called cotton linen, a mixture of cotton and hemp.

When buried in the soil, it returns to the soil and becomes fertilizer for growing plants. The printed spot uses plant-derived ink that does not contaminate the soil.

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