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​Wheat S​TRAW

Made of natural materials born from the blessings of nature.

・One time use type. suitable for take out drinks.

・It is not become soft even if used for a long time.

​・Returns to soil after use, thus reducing environmental impact.

・Adopt the traditional style of drying the stalks harvested at the time of wheat.

Model NO: WS-01

Material: Wheat 100%

Size: length 200 x thickness 2-3mm

[Retail price]

 5.5USD /lot (100pcs)

 Sale soon 

If you wish to a Handling in retail stores or large quantity order

Please contact us . We can shipping overseas.


Straws that make use of the blessings of nature

As a result of cost and productivity demands, plastics have been replaced with the times, but now that plastic waste is a problem, BALIISM is producing straws made of straw again. 


​Effective in preventing marine pollution

Wheat straws are biodegradable and return to nature, so it is safe to accidentally flow into the sea. It is said that plastic straws take over 100 years to spontaneously degrade, but straw straws are almost degraded in just a few weeks. Because it is softer than plastic, it does not hurt sea creatures.

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