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Engraving Service


Started on January 20th 2021

Engraved name on bamboo toothbrush

3.6 billion toothbrushes are consumed annually worldwide. Most of its toothbrush handles are now made of plastic. If it is not properly processed and thrown away, it will remain on the earth semi permanently as plastic waste. So We made a natural toothbrush made from bamboo. 100% natural bamboo is used for the handle, and a biomass brush produced from plant derived castor oil is used for the brush. It contributes to the reduction of CO2 concentration, which causes global warming, and the reduction of fossil resource consumption. You can now engrave text on this bamboo toothbrush.


Engravable from 1pcs

Engraved using a laser engraving machine, it can be speedily can make from 1pcs. An eco friendly marking method that does not use any ink.

Perfect for gifts

Why don't you present your family, friends and lover a bamboo toothbrush with your name? Those who are interested in a sustainable life will be especially pleased.

Large lot also available

Production of 100 lots or more is performed using a Mass production laser machine. Logo can be engraved as well as letters. Please inquire about the charge and delivery date from the Contact form.

Engraving work movie

※ Be careful when watching. the laser light flashes.


BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH product specifications

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