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Tumbler made with real bamboo

A tumbler made from natural bamboo. This is a new version that has been improved to prevent beverage leakage.

[Product description]

・ Tumbler using real bamboo
・ Stainless steel thermos structure with heat and cold insulation function

・ The beverage inside does not leak easily and is ideal for carrying around.

-Because it is waterproof, it does not mold easily even when it gets wet.


Model: BT-02
Material: Bamboo / waterproof coated (tumbler surface) Stainless steel (inside) PP, rubber (cap)
Size: Top width 83mm Bottom width 67mm Height 180mm
Capacity: 450 ml Weight: 205 g
Heat and cold insulation function: Approximately 6 hours

Release date: April 14, 2022

Retail price: 2,860 yen (tax included)

If you wish to a Handling in retail stores or large quantity order

Please contact us . We can shipping overseas.

Enjoy a relaxing break time


A tumbler with thinly sliced natural bamboo wrapped around the surface. The warm texture and texture of natural materials make your usual drink time fun.
You can put your favorite drink in it and carry it with you.
It is also ideal for taking to a cafe as my bottle.
As time goes by, the color of the bamboo changes and the taste increases. Since the surface is coated with a waterproof coat derived from urethane, it is resistant to mold even when it gets wet, and can be used cleanly for a long time.

Stainless steel thermos structure with heat and cold insulation function


The inside has a thermos structure with double stainless steel.
You can keep your drink delicious with heat and cold insulation for up to about 6 hours.
Improved lid parts from the old product [BT-01]. Since the packing is attached to the lid, the structure makes it difficult for the beverage inside to come out even if it is turned upside down. Also, the fixing method has been changed to the screw type. It also reduces the risk of the lid coming off while moving, and has a structure suitable for carrying with beverages in it.

Surface coating that prevents mold


When making a tumbler from natural bamboo, the challenge was surface treatment. The surface of bamboo has the property of easily absorbing water, so when it is washed with water, it absorbs a lot of water and becomes prone to mold.
Therefore, the surface of the bamboo is thickly coated with a transparent coating material derived from urethane to prevent moisture from entering the inside of the bamboo. While retaining the natural texture, it is finished in an exquisite balance that is resistant to mold.
Not only washing with water, but also washing with a sponge using detergent is okay.
You can use it cleanly for a long time.

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