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Cutting board made from 100% natural bamboo

It is also functional with a hole for hanging on a kitchen hook.
After being cut into pieces, it can be served as it is on the dining table.


・Warm texture of natural bamboo.
・Can be stored compactly by hanging it on a kitchen hook.
・Highly durable with a firm thickness.
・Mold-resistant coating has been applied. Anti-bacterial and deodorizing effect.


Model number: BCB-01
Material: Bamboo
Country of manufacture: Indonesia
Size: 375 W x 195 D x 14 mm thick, hook hole diameter 15 mm
Weight: 590g
Release date: June 1, 2022

3,290 yen (2,995 yen without tax)

If you wish to a Handling in retail stores or large quantity order

Please contact us . We can handle shipping overseas.


Water-resistant and mold proof

Cutting boards made from natural materials had a problem that moisture could easily penetrate inside and causes mold. Therefore, the surface was carefully coated several times to prevent moisture from entering. It is safe even if you cut heavility moistured vegetables because the water drainage is good. It can also be used for cutting meat and fish while ensuring cleanliness and odor-free.


Environmentally friendly manufacturing

Made from environmentally friendly, plastic-free materials. Made of 100% natural bamboo only. Bamboo is a material that grows faster than wood and has less environmental impact when cut down. However, even though bamboo has a low environmental impact, if it is cut down continuously and intensively in a short period of time in the same area, it could lead to environmental destruction. After harvesting, it usually takes 2-3 years for the bamboo to return to a usable state.

Finally returns to the soil

Since it is made from 100% natural materials, it can be buried in the ground when no longer needed. In consideration of the environment, we do not use any artificial coating materials such as lacquer, but use a traditional coating method using vegetable oil as the raw material. Although it is time-consuming, this method is adopted to realize the concept of "born from nature, return to nature". When buried in soil, it decomposes naturally and becomes fertilizer for growing plants.
*If the surface loses its luster, soak it with commercially available vegetable oil.

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