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A beach cleanup event was held at Munggu Beach, Bali!

Hello. Bali has become a comfortable climate during the dry season.

Bali is a small island surrounded by the sea, so you can enjoy running and surfing at the beach every day.

That is why it is also a place where the problem of marine pollution is easily noticeable.

Recently, due to the influence of corona, foreign tourists are unable to enter the country, and although the problem of pollution on the coast and seaside has been improved,

Even so, plastic waste may be thrown away or drifted from the sea, so this time, with the sustainability-themed gift maker and the local environmental protection group TRASH HERO CANGGU, May 16th. We held a joint beach clean event on the day.

It was held from 16:30, but I was able to collect a bag full of garbage in just 30 minutes.

I picked up discarded candy bags, PET bottles, bottles, cigarette trash, and so on.

Some can be recycled, but if not properly treated, they can have a negative impact on the environment.

At this event, BALIISM presented the participants with a van boost straw and a sida straw by lottery!

It is a straw that can be used repeatedly, but since it is made from natural materials and decomposes naturally, even if it should be thrown away in the sea etc.

It is a product that returns to nature and has less risk of environmental destruction.

About 30 people participated on the day!

Thank you to all the general participants,, and TRASH HERO CANGGU members!

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