About Let's quit using disposable straw!

To manufacturers who are producing disposable straws>

So far we have used disposable straws. It is very convenient, and I think there are situations where it can only be used depending on the place and application. Disposable straws themselves are still necessary.

However, for all uses, disposable can not be said to be environmentally friendly, so I would like to promote the use of straws that can be washed and used many times all over the world. Thank you for your understanding of this initiative.

To the person in charge of product development in charge of manufacturers>

There is no problem in making similar products to spread My Straw to the world,

Do not use the same material or similar material as the product from BALIISM to make a product with exactly the same shape and dimensions. It is because the person who misunderstood the product of BALIISM and may have purchased may come out.

BALIISM products have already applied for trademark registration and design rights.


The products we make are based on trial and error, and we are thinking about how to select the material area and process the material.

Since counterfeit products are generally sold at a lower price than regular products, we do not think that we can offer products with the same philosophy and quality as ours. Bamboo bamboo is said to be an environmentally friendly material, but if you harvest bamboo and make a product to make a large amount of banboost row in one area, it will lead to environmental destruction as a result. If you are selling it as an eco-friendly product, please think about it and make things.






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