Let's quit using disposable straws !

~ If you carry my straw that can be washed repeatedly, environmental impact will be reduced ~

Effect of disposable plastic straws

When you buy a drink at a cafe, you get a disposable plastic straw, as you would expect. But do you know that plastic straws are affecting marine life?

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Nurtured by beautiful nature and unique culture, Bali is one of the world's leading tourist destinations visited by many people from around the world. However, due to the effects of marine pollution, the environment of beautiful Bali is changing. The plastic waste that has accidentally flown into the sea affects not only the beach's appearance but also the marine life. This problem is not only a problem in Bali. Videos that are suffering from stinging plastic straws on the nose of sea turtles off Costa Rica have become famous all over the world. Marine pollution is spreading all over the world.

It is said that it will take decades for plastic to be disassembled, and this will just increase the amount of waste. In order to change this reality, we, in 2019, will start an exercise to reduce marine pollution and promote global environmental protection.

The law prohibits the use of plastic straws. Let's stop the "disposal" itself from this opportunity.

In recent years, a bill has been announced which regulates the production of disposable plastic products in various countries, and disposable straws made of non-plastics are beginning to be distributed in the market. It is said to be more environmentally friendly than plastic, but the act of "disposable" does not change.

It may not be said that it is good for the environment in a true sense.

June 17, 2019 BALIISM starts the movement "Let's quit using disposable straws!"!

It will be better for the natural environment as well as the sea environment by stopping the disposable.

"Let's quit using disposable straws!" Is one of the movements that BALISM proposes to promote a recycling society around the world.

A new lifestyle that uses my straw both at home and outside.

BALIISM has been selling Ban boost row made from bamboo since 2017. until now

Banboost law has been used mainly at homes and in cafe shops.

We will propose a new lifestyle that carries My Straw on the go and uses it in addition to the conventional usage, in order to further promote measures against marine pollution and global environmental protection. It is not easy to shift all things in everyday life from disposable to something that can be used many times. As one of the efforts to stop disposables, it is easy to get started First of all, why not start my straw living?

" Go out with Bamboo Straw "

It is in the straw case made for BALIISM Ban boost row, and it seems to carry my straw. This straw case is a product created to popularize My Straw, which fits one Bon Boost Row and a cleaning brush.

"I don,t need straw". Let's say that for clerk of cafe.

When drinks are provided at cafes and restaurants, it is natural for them to be provided with disposable straws.

So, if you buy a Banboost Lo Carrying Set, when you order a drink, you do not need a "Straw" because you have a My Straw. Let's say that!


You may be surprised at first by the clerk (!?), But please cooperate until the culture called Maisutoru takes root.


BALIISM aims to establish a new culture called Maistro in the world through this product. As a result, it leads to global environmental protection.

You no longer need to take disposable straws from store.

Some stores have their own type of straw. Drinks can be enjoyed without using disposable straws placed in the straw corner.

The benefits are not just those who actually drink. In the cafe shop, the cost of purchasing disposable straws and the waste disposal of the waste have always cost a lot. Not only eco-friendly, but also people who enjoy drinks and stores are happy.

It may be overkill, but the less people who use disposable straws, the lower the cost of providing stores with drinks. As a result, it may be possible to lower the price of the drink and to reduce the wages of employees.

If you carry not only a straw but also carry a my tumbler that can be used many times, you can say that it is more environmentally friendly as it reduces waste.

To spread circulatory society all over the world

The movement “Let's quit using disposable straws!” Is one of the efforts to increase the number of people who think about the global environment and to promote the recycling society more than ever. This time, we focused on the straw that we are familiar with, but I think it would be nice if we could use the straw as a catalyst to change various things from “disposable” to “repetitive use”. Garbage found in the sea and sandy beaches includes not only rubbish from home countries but also rubbish from overseas. In order to stop marine pollution and environmental destruction, the cooperation of people all over the world is necessary.


This sentence is just a sentence that what the representative and staff of BALISM felt and feelings.


BALIISM's brand philosophy is "Let's use good things for a long time".

In June 2017, we launched the sale of Ban Boost Low in Bali and Japan in order to bring environmentally friendly products to the world. We did not make products taking advantage of the flow of plastic straw regulations. In order to contribute to marine pollution and global environment protection through products, we decided to offer them as products after a lot of trial and error.


Bamboo is said to grow faster than wood and is said to be an environmentally friendly material, so this product also uses bamboo.

If it is manufactured in large quantities in a short period of time, the surrounding environment from which the bamboo is collected will be destroyed. We manufacture products systematically while controlling not to destroy the surrounding environment.


As you may not know, straw made from bamboo itself has long been used in Indonesia and Southeast Asian countries. Even though it is such an attractive product, it has not been widely used throughout the world in the traditional Bang Boost Lo. It may not have spread due to various reasons such as quality and durability issues, lack of sales force.


BALIISM has succeeded in developing and manufacturing world-class high-quality banboost row and the best case suitable for carrying, in order to popularize my straw carrying worldwide.


I'll tell you in advance, everyone! Do not use any other products, just use BALIISM's Van Boost Low and carry case! I am not saying that.

If you bring one of my straws and the style you carry around becomes commonplace all over the world, even if similar products are coming out to the world, it is welcome.

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To everyone interested in the product>

Thank you for your interest in the product.

Not only marine pollution but also recent global weather and disasters may be disasters that we humans have created.

Everybody's small effort can improve the world's environmental problems.

Do you not think about the global environment again just because it is such an age?

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